A page to detail systemic harrasment and cyberbullying by a Sia community leader

This page has been built as a resource to identify and stop a 2+ year campaign to impugn the reputations of good people working on the ScPrime project. The individual behind these attacks is tenacious, underhanded and in hiding behind anonymous accounts to spread deliberate falsehoods, has fully exposed themselves to legal liability. This page exposes who the individual is and there is ample information online about his affiliations. Future pages will cover some of the campaigns he has waged in the messages below and in other ways to damage and financial ruin people associated with ScPrime. This is a serious situation that demands reasonable people on all sides to find a way to bring this individual to heel.

A person’s online writing creates a digital fingerprint. More matches leads to more certainty in forensic linguistics. In the following articles, we show occurrences by both the sock account and the known ID with links to the origin. The anonymous account has gone by Atlas in Discord, Atlas_Centurion in Reddit and began as Atlas in the Southxchange trollbox (history not available). By themselves, some of these are decently common. Taken as a whole and with most being exclusive to Hakkane in the Sia Discord, it is conclusive.

The gallery contains screengrabs if you do not want to sign up for the various forums. We’re confident most will concur these are the same individual. If the problem does not go away, the ScPrime project has identified a legally validated forensics team and will pay to create evidence admissible in a court of law.

Article 1 – Stablish

This is not a misspelling but instead a linguistic tic where the author chooses to use a term not commonly used in modern writing. It’s called aphetic where an unstressed vowel is dropped from a word and most frequently arises with pre-modern language/writing. It’s such a bizarre word choice and this is literally the first and only time we have ever come across it in modern writing.

This post was removed from Reddit though archived under reveddit.com

On the Sia Discord, there are 21 instances of the word. The first two are comments poking fun at Hakkane using the word and Hakkane is responsible for all of the rest. Before he was kicked from the SCP Discord for prevarication*, there were 2 uses of “stablish”,  both Hakkane. While its possible other people use this word, in the crypto and distributed storage world, we can only be certain that one individual uses it frequently. The last time stablish was widely used, people climbed on to horses for the daily commute.

Article 2 – Critizising

This is a misspelling perhaps made by non-native English speakers (Hakkane is Spanish). Atlas makes the error here.

On the Sia Discord, there are 3 results, all Hakkane

Article 3 – Penauts

Odd misspell. In the SCP Discord there are 2 instances, one Atlas, one Hakkane. In the Sia Discord there are 5 instances, all Hakkane. Nobody else in the two communities has misspelled Peanuts this way
Link 1
Link 2

Article 4 – FIAT

Fiat is a term used a lot in cryptocurrency circles and means traditional money supplies, most specifically the USA dollar. According to Wikipedia, the term fiat derives from Latin and means “let it be done”. It is not an acronym and capitalizing all letters is a mistake. Atlas does so in this text

He also made the same error in our discord here

Hakkane uses the term in the Sia Discord in 19 posts capitalizing 13 instances of the word

Article 5 – Costumer(s)

Another non-English misspell. Atlas uses it here in the SCP Discord

and here in Reddit

In the Sia Discord, there are 26 results not including “costume”. 21 are Hakkane
here is a sample

Article 6 – Rise/Rising instead of Raise

Typical non-English mistake. Atlas uses it

Once more, trying to talk about me instead of about the issue I am rising on this thread.

Hakkane in the Sia Discord

Nebulous, the parent company of the Sia core developers, announced a $3.25M seed round capital rise

and here

Binance will rise the price of the coin

Article 7 – what instead of which or that

Grammar error from a non-English speaker, Atlas examples first

And I am laughing at the idea that the coin leader is trying to use the contracting strategy as if it was the idea of a genius, what is cringeworthy

A 10% of that is 1.6b and a 20% is 3.2%, what means you own in total something between 9 billion and 10.6 billion scp.

The only fact that matters is that you are indicating everyone shamelessly that your coin is an investment opportunity, what obviously flags it as a security, as per Howey’s Test (points 1 and 2) … It is precisely the fact that an increase in price will fund your project what makes it pass the point 3 of the test… You are in the US, what means you are in the SEC’s jurisdiction. 

Multiple occurrences for Hakkane in the Sia Discord
This is, that some of the files stored on the hosts are being accessed hundreds of times per day, what means adoption too

Article 8 – bussiness

Misspelling from a non-English speaker, Atlas examples first

It won’t be your exclusive bussiness anymore when the company runs out of funding (you said last summer after the capitail raise you had only enough for 8 months), you ask for more money to your Florida dumb investors if they want to see a product release, they ask you for the company books, and they realize you have spent outrageous amounts in the salary of the CEO. 

The real challenge is executing those ideas, and that is why investing in scp is a bad bussiness – there are many projects out there in the same space with more capable teams, or at least with teams that show everyday they can deliver their ideas.

Hakkane in the Sia Discord – type bussiness into the search box, 9 of the 22 results are Hakkane

Source Files

Material is pulled from multiple locations including Reddit threads and Discord communities. More posts have been made but either the user deleted or the site does not keep history. For both anon and known accounts, there are several thousands of available words providing more than enough information to draw conclusions. For Hakkane, the sampling his posts are drawn from is enormous. In just the main channels (see image), there are close to 750k messages from thousands of posters. When a result only applies to a single poster, it is a significant find.

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Bullish Case for SCP

SCP – a True Moonshot

SiaPrime is a security, not a utility coin

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