A page to detail systemic anonymous harassment and cyberbullying by a Sia community leader against the ScPrime team members and distributed storage project

Page is taken down while we prepare a legal case against the individual(s) involved in the ongoing harassment of our staff and project. The full history, evidence and narrative is being packaged for upload to Skynet to provide an immutable record.

What happened
A prominent community leader and supposedly trusted purveyor of data on another project created anonymous accounts and used them for over 2 years to trash, defame and otherwise lie about the ScPrime project including but not limited to:
a) As a moderator in the other project discord, the individual used the sock puppet account to engage and inflame SCP supporters in a multi-hours long session instead of using his moderator powers to simply warn them about potential rules violations. The contents of the “argument” were then used to ban some of the SCP supporters and the project founder later used the argument as partial grounds to ban all SCP discussion as disruptive
b) The account spent countless hours in the primary exchange trollbox (a live messaging system viewed by traders) extolling the perceived negatives of the SCP project with frequent untruths and misdirection. Coinciding with the individual’s presence was a concerted, ongoing effort to sell back rallies of the SCP cryptocurrency using microsells that cost the user almost nothing. This persisted for over a year and ran most hours of the day
c) The account appeared to create web alerts that pointed them to messages showing up in subreddits the user had never visited before but had new content related to SCP, where the account would spin lies about project details, personnel and other issues to steer people away. The clear intention was to financially damage the reputations of project personnel and project progress in order to stifle the acquisition of new supporters, financially and otherwise, something which appears to have found at least some success along the way.
d) When clear evidence was presented identifying the individual, actions were taken by the account (or the account’s proxies) to get ScPrime leadership banned from their own community where the cyberbullying was being discussed. This was effective until Discord management was made aware of the situation and who the actual cyberbully truly was.

The evidence tying this account to the specific individual is clear, convincing and the individual has engaged in an effort to change the posts and historical record to hide the evidence. Full screenshotted history verified by multiple individuals has been preserved for posterity and the evidence was forwarded to project leadership in an unsuccessful attempt to bring this individual to heel. The account is still active and the posts remain live. Only a complete retraction and the cessation of these hostilities is acceptable.

The ScPrime team desires the behavior to cease, the account to be deleted and all the information posted either be deleted or claimed directly by the individual for all to judge the motivation. Because this has not occurred, our team is left to defend ourselves through a full public presentation of the facts and a legal case where the full force of Discovery will be used to determine if the user acted alone or under the direction of others.